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60 km far from the city center . Ahlat is located on the shores of  Lake Van  has many artifacts and structures left from past. From 13th century 14 tombs, 2 castles, 5 Seldjukian tombs , 2 mosques and 1 hamam from Ottoman empire period can be seen in the district.


The most prominent historical assets of the district is the Seljuk Cemetery which approximately covers a land of 200 acres.  Many different tombs with different designs belonging to various historical periods can be observed in the cemetery. Turkish style Underground burial tombs.  Tombs with the rooms , monumental tombs are only a few sample available in here.


As much as the historical values of Ahlat district  beautifull shores of Van lake also attracts thousands of people to come the area. Swimming and water sport facilities are the another attracions of the area.


Ahlat is also very well known and popular place with unique handmade sticks produced in the region.


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