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Marmaris Castle

The most important historical structure in the city center is the castle which was built by Ottoman empire in 1522 and it was used as an observation and defense fortress for centuries.   After the the foundation of Turkish republic in 1920’s the castle was opened to settlement and in this period 18 houses anda fountain were built by local people.

The castle which was restored between 1980-1990 years today is used as a museum and it is opened to visitors everyday except on Mondays.

 The entrance of the castle directly opened to a large courtyard where archaeological artifacts, amphoras,coins, glass works are exhibited  that found from the excavations of Knidos, Burgaz, Hisaronu areas. There are several indoor exhibition halls in which archaeological and ethnographic works exhibited.

The most impressive part of the  visit is the stunning view from the walls of the castle.

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