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Things to Do in Kusadasi

* Visit the glorious ancient city Ephesus, temple of Artemis and the church of St. John

*  Light a Candle and pray in the House of Virgin Mary and drink the holy water from the fountain.

* Splash the water, swim and slide from enourmous water slides either in Adaland or Aqua Fantasy.

* Drink a Turkish tea or beer and watch the sunset from Pigeon island.

* Dance as crazy as possible  and enjoy the rythm of music in the pubs and bars of Kusadasi Bars Street.

* Go shopping in Grand Bazaar, buy the good quality “genuine fake”watches, leather bags etc. from the shops in city center.

* Soak up the sun and swim in the Ladies beach.

* Drink the local home made wine and make a wish by throwing a coin to wishing well in Sirince Village.

* Discover the  heaven like coves,bays, beaches and plunge into clear water during the funny boat trip.

* Watch the amazing performance of Turkish belly dancers and eat the   best samples of Turkish Cuisine in the Turkish night made in Okuz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai.

* Join PMD ( Priene, Miletus, Didyma ) tour.

* Go into the wild with Jeep Safari Tours

* Dine out in Planet Yucca Restaurant


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21 Mayıs Salı, 2013
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Amy Elliott
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Kusadasi attractions
you will be plunged into great facilities and activities of Kusadasi. Especially shopping is the biggest joy in Kusadasi