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Tomb of Sheikh Edebali                            

Sheikh Edebali is one of the first Ahi sheiks  in Anatolia. He is the father in law of Sultan Osman gazi( founder of Ottoman empire) and he was born in Khorasan  in 1208.

Tomb was built by Orhan gazi on the top of the valley where old Bilecik city was founded. The tomb  was covered by a dome however  later on  a clay tiled roof was made up to cover the tomb.

Tomb consist of a big hall and 2 seperate rooms.  Larger room has a mescit ( a small place where muslims go for praying ) with an altar and it is known that the other room were used like a guest house and welcoming desk.

The place where Sheikh Edebali and his relatives  bodies are found  has a   domed ceiling and  a rectangular  design. There are four Small and seven big  sarcophagus can be seen in the room.

The doctrines , ideas , advises and  lifestyle of Sheikh Edebali are even followed today by many people. He was a very important person for the Ottoman empire and Turkish world therefore his tomb is always visited by numerous people to commemorate him .

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