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Furniture Companies in Turkey

The demand for high quality furnitures has significantly increased in Turkey due to the urbanization, population growth and  rising living standards. In this aspect; The Furniture industry and companies in Turkey follow the latest trends and apply the highest standarts to their products in order to have a strong position in Global furniture market.

The furniture industry mostly developed and based in Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri,Bursa ( Inegol ), Izmir and Adana provinces. Turkish furniture companies export their products to over 170 countries in the world.

Hereis the List of biggest Furniture companies in Turkey ;

Aldora, Alfemo, Allegro, Bostan’s, Cardin Concept, Casa, Cascade, Cilek, Dilay, Dogtas, Donat Collection, Fatih Kiral, Gala Mobilya, Idas, Ipek, Istikbal, Isbir, Kelebek, Kilim Mobilya, Konfor, Ladin, Laressa, Merinos, Misafir Mobilya, Mns, Mobi, Mobiland, Mondi, N Design, Nills, Odam, Rendi, Saloni, Seray, Serhat,Teleset, Tepe Home, Vira, Weltew, Yagmur, Yatas, Yatsan.

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13 Eylül Cuma, 2013
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Daniel borani
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i have my own furniture store in germany and been working with weltew for years. their products are top quality with very good offers. Great furniture company both for sellers and customers.