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Textile Companies in Turkey

Turkish Textile, in view of quality, style and price is far beyond than any other popular textile manufacturer countries such as China, Thailand, Russia etc. Thus Turkey is one of the most leading Textile manufacturer in the world. Thousands of small and big textile companies produce a very large range of products including raw materials and garments.

Here is the List of biggest Textile companies in Turkey ;

Sarar, Hugo Boss, Mavi, De Facto, Colin’s, Lc Waikiki, Rodi Jeans, Collezione, Desa, Derimod, Aksa ( raw acrylic material producer ), Arsan, Metemtekstil, Akmina, Anateks, Zorlu Textile, Akin Textile, Sanko Textile are only a few of popular Textile companies based in Turkey

Please contact to get more details for other textile  manufacturers in Turkey.

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