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Turkish Energy Companies

Energy ,which has been the main need of humanity since it’s first appearance, gains more importance as the massive consumption increase and correlatively resources diminish. More international companies mainly supported by the governments are now in search of new recyclable energy sources and Turkish companies as in all other industries are one more step ahead from others with their innovative ideas and vast investments. Turkey exports 25% of the energy production to neighbour countries.


Here is the list of Turkish Energy companies ;

Borusan Energy group, Nurol Energy, Zorlu Energy, Alarko Holding, Age energy, General Electric Turkey, Aksa, Anadolu energy, EnergySa, Sanko, Istanbul energy, Enda energy, Oyak energy, Bereket Energy, Ata elektrik, Espe Energy group, Ay energy, Asmaz group, Lotus Energy, Solea, Aplus, ipek Energy, MVK group, Ser group etc.

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