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Turkish Shoe Companies

Shoe manufacturing is one of the most important import sector in Turkish economy. The advantage of being able to supply raw materials, leathers and fabrics from domestic market, carry Turkish shoe companies to the leaders list in Shoe importers all around world. Endurance, high quality materials and modern design of the both men and women shoes produced in Turkey popularly imported to hundreds of countries.  
Here is the list of famous shoe producers in Turkey; 
Yesil Kundura, Desa, Derimod, Cabani, Gezer shoes, Adela, MAcro ayakkabi, Net Kundura, Saluro,Togo, Ziylan,Polaris,Cally, Comcero, Zensan,Marutti, Ceyo, Komderi,Modelis, Nursace, Toddler, Pomes,chochili etc.
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