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 Bayburt Clock Tower

Until the year 1923 there was no place in Bayburt city where you can check and  learn the time  . Therefore, having a clock in the city was considered as   a national desire and it was decided to built a clock tower to the city center.  A 21 meters high , very  elegant and   a high artistic valued  clock tower was erected in the  middle of  city square . This work has a unique historical value.


A stone master ( Muhyeddin ) from the near villages  and ten more stone artists who were trained by Master Muhyeddin Started to build with a ceremony on March 18, 1924.  A machine which would help to run all 4 watches without any trouble were ordered from Germany.

Construction of Bayburt clock tower  was completed in  7 months 11 days . Tower was rising with a big  proud when the first celebration held for the Republic and independence of Turkey in 1924.

Masonry of the Clock tower is really worth to see.


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