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Bayburt Castle


The castle built on the steep , craggy rocks situated in the northern part of Bayburt city. It is still not clear by whom and when  the castle was built .


It is understood  that the castle was used by Bagrat Dynasty ( 885*1044 ) therefore it can be easily said the history and existence of the Bayburt castle goes very late in hisory.


Romans , Armenians, Byzantines , Arabs and  Komnenos kingdom had dominated the castle before it was   captured by  Turks.


When looked up to the walls and structures of castle ; It can easily be said that the castle was restored and repaired many times


The bastion heights of the castle is 12-13 mt and  ramparts height reach almost 30 mt.


The Eastern gate of the castle called like Iron gate ( demir kapi ) and the western gate called like sentry box.


Bayburt Castle  generously presents the mystical  combination of old and new together. When you wander in the corridors of castle you will be amazed and dazzled from the view and atmosphere of the Castle.

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