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Burhaniye  is located in the boundaries of Balikesir province has surrounded with  neighbours ;   the Aegean Sea (from west  ),   Edremit(north) , Gomec and Ayvalik (south)  and Bergama ( southeast).


Burhaniye founded over a very productive land which is formed  and stands between Mt. Madra and Ida mountain.

Town center located 4 km far  from the sea and has the average height of 10 meters from the sea. Burhaniye has 17 km long coast which forms miles long ; sandy , clean natural

Burhaniye and its environs has the incredible natural beauty. Orentepe golden sandy beaches ,  the walnut, oak, poplar, willow, fig trees ,  the sea and beaches with fine sand from Igdeburnu , higher-growing waterfalls, ponds of the Burhaniye are worth to see values from the region.


Places to visit in Burhaniye ;


Oren: A famous leisure and entertainment center which is known all around Turkey. A town worth to visit and spend some joyfull time.


Iskele:  A street where the biggest marina of Gulf region is available has  the appearance of a beautiful fishing village. Fish restaurants and tea gardens on the coast make people enjoy more of their time in the area.


Ogretmenler Mahallesi (Teachers quarters): An area with plenty of   hotels, motels ,entertainment and shopping facilities.   The beach of the ogretmenler mahallesi is  also very clean and natural.


Artur (Arkent): Arkent Holiday Site is a resort with  beautiful bays, beaches, casinos and entertainment venues located  23 km far from Burhaniye.

 Taylieli village , Murat Cesme ( Murat fountain ) , seklik hill are the other places worth to visit in Burhaniye .

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