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Edremit is located 8 km inland from the Edremit Gulf  and district is  200 km far  from Izmir and 135 km from  Canakkale cities. Edremit is mostly known with the specially produced delicious  olives and best quality olive oils.


Places to see and visit in Edremit, Balikesir ;


Yunus Emre Park: A beautifull resting place with flower gardens, cafes and pools.


Olive oil factories in the city can be visited by the ones who are interested in learning the process of olive oil production.



Akcay: Akcay ,where you can find  many hotels, motels, holiday villages and camps is  a nice place  for visitors. As well as the accommodation facilities city is very rich in view of  entertainment, food and beverage facilities. Every each year in Augusts an olive oil festival held in the area. 


The most important feature of Akcay is having the abundant fresh spring waters  all around the area  as a resul the dock of Akcay surrounded by fresh water artesians.


Statue of Sarikiz :  Statue stands in from of Tourism information office in Barbaros square in the center. A little pool stands near the Sarikiz statue used like a wish well by visitors .  People makes a wish and throws coins to the pool.



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