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Life in the Slow Lane — Cruising Turkey and the Middle East

One of the best ways to journey into humanity's sun-drenched, mystical past is by exploring the world on some amazing cruise deals. Cruise vessels follow in the same tides as the great adventurers of centuries ago, to the places where the Egyptian and Ottoman empires once flourished.

Taking It Easy Round Turkey

Regions like Göcek and also Bodrum and other parts of the tranquil Carian coast set the scene for some smashing exploration. Step off the ship at Göcek and you can investigate ancient ruins at this destination which is also renowned as a sailing destination. If you’re more into relics than ruins, you can see stop off at Bodrum and visit the Underwater Museum of Archaeology, which now occupies the space in the Castle of St Peter where booty from underwater archaeology missions was stored. Further along at the end of the coast in Marmaris, you can visit the castle where Süleyman the Magnificent assembled 200,000 troops to capture Rhodes.

Some cruises will call in, to your delight, at several islands along the way, which can lead to cave exploration, snorkeling and morning hikes. While exploring Turkey by cruise liner, the constantly shifting scenery means that you won’t want to close your eyes in case you miss something. One highlight is Gemiler Island, an ancient refuge of Saint Nicholas and home to a crumbling Byzantine city. This uninhabited island is great for daytime exploration.

Experiencing Egypt by Cruise Liner

The Nile may be packed with economical, well-known feluccas that we’ve come to expect of Egypt, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a cruise liner trip to the country. While enjoying the perks of being on a cruise — such as food galore and not having to pack and unpack… then pack again every other day — you can appreciate Egyptian sunsets and admire the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs. If possible, when you’re searching for the right cruise for you, you should try to find some of the lesser known sites off the tourist traps, along with gigantic archaeological treasures such as El Kab, the Temple of Khnum and a crumbling temple dedicated to the goddess of vultures — Nekhbet.

There’s nothing like being at sea and exploring the Middle East and Africa. You can cruise at a slow and relaxing speed through calm waters. It's hard not to drift into a reverie brought on by the history these regions have experienced, as aspects of the buildings, the culture or even the language evoke visions of the past. As you sail the River Nile and Aegean Sea, you’re sure to experience some magical moments.


Image by Michal Osmenda, used under Creative Commons license.



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