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Ayvalik is a symbolic city with it’s unique characteristic ; stone cofe , Heaven Hill, the first bridge of Turkey , underwater wonders, seafood, sandwich, olives and olive oil. As much as the symbols and values known all around Turkey , Ayvalik has many places( stone houses , islands , bays , churches, monasteries , mosques etc. ) worth to see and travel .


Where is ayvalik ?


Ayvalik surrounded with Aegean Sea from west ,  Burhaniye from north and Dikili on the south is located on the highway between Izmirbergama and Troy-Canakkale-EdirneIstanbul.


Ayvalik is 137 km away from Izmir , 125 km  from Balikesir  city center and 167 from Canakkale can be reached  via railways, higways or ferryboats. Buses can be easily found any time of the year Especially from Big cities. Ferryboats take only 2 hours to get the Ayvalik and  mostly preferred by tourists who are coming from Greek islands  .


Places to visit in and around Ayvalik


Alibey (Cunda) Island: An island located just across the District protects Ayvalik against the open sea is can be reached  by a bridge or boat. Shuttle boats run every each hour in high season between Ayvalik and the Cunda island. It is very much worth to watch the straits , islands and bays of the area from higher parts of Island.

Island is the most suitable for those who want to be in nature and silence. The sea food restaurants lined up one after another in the center offer the most tastefull seafoods , famous Papaline and unique olive oil salads.


Camlik: Located  on a hill ( covered with pine trees) overlooking the city. 


Pordoselene  kulesi (Tower) : The tower situated at the top of the Maden island .


Tasli monastery  or Timarhane ( mental hospital )  Island: A small island stands just accross the Camlik bay. There is a legendary story saying  that the mad people going island returns very much clever .



Devil’s dining table ( seytan sofrasi ) peak and other Peaks: The Devil's banquet is a wonderful hill. When you go up to Seytan sofrasi hill ; Sea, bays and pine trees will be just under your feet.

How to go Seytan sofrasi ( Devil’s dining table )


Seytan sofrasi  hill is  like a round dining table and situated  over steep rocks. Who wants to go to watch the sunset from the seytan sofrasi hill can take a minibus from Cumhuriyet square in Ayvalik.  


Tavsan kulaklari ( rabbit ears ) Hill: The hill just stands next to Seytan sofrasi. Two huge and very high rocks in a very similar formation  of rabbit ears greets you on the top of the hill.


Ciplak Tepe (Bare  Hill): A hill locate over  crater mountain which is known as thich mountain . You will find the opportunity to see  bays and islands from a different point.


Ilk Kursun Hill ; located over a hill dominating the city . Delikli Tas and Kartal Yuvasi (eagle nest ) are the other hills to be seen in the area.



Ayvalik  Islands: Ayvalik is a district of islands with  22 islands however  there is no settlements in  the islands except  Cunda Island.

 Here's the Islands of Ayvalik: Hasir, Yuvarlak,   gunes,  Yumurta,  Kamis, Kilavuz, tasli Yelken , Yalniz ,Kucuk Maden, Maden ,Alibey(Cunda),  Ciplak ,  Dolap, Kutu, Balik, Kayabasi/Cicek / Kiz/ Poyraz/ Tavuk.




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Ayvalik Turkey
Ayvalik rarely mentioned in guide books and destinations of tour operators though this place deserve more with its beaches, womderfull sea and excellent restaurants.