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Kaz Dagi (Ida Mountain)


Mount Ida  located to  the northern part of Edremit gulf  is one of the  worth seeing places in Turkey with it’s 21.300 hectare area and the green nature , rich flora and fauna.

Mt . Ida is  accessible from four different points of Edremit District.  The forest roads from  Zeytinli, Kizilkecili village, the gure village and Altinoluk are the points to get the Balikesir Mount Ida national park.


How to go  Mount Ida ;  National park is in a distance of 123 to Canakkale and 92 km to Balikesir cities can be reached via cars or minibuses available from the Edremit district.


Mount Ida has  been a home to various civilizations since prehistoric  eras.


The known history of mount Ida begins in 2000 BC. Many cities such as  Thebe, Lyrnessos city, Khrysa city, Killa City, Anderia city, Antandros city, Adramytteion city, Astrya city,  were established in the area however all  were destroyed during the Trojan war.


 Numerous  water resources are available in every spot of Mountain  even in summers and winters at an altitude of 1500 meters .  Plenty  of drinking and using water of Edremit, Akcay and Altinoluk districts are provided from melting snow waters over the mount Ida.

Ida mountain national park is also counted  as one of  the first place in terms of abundance of oxygen .


Mount Ida (Kaz dagi) also known as mountaing of  mythology and legends .

Mount Ida is the first place where the world's first beauty contest  is made as a result of

 golden apple given  to Aphrodite By prince Paris. As is known, the consequences of this beauty contest in history, has led to the famous Trojan war.


Mount Ida is  the highest mass of the Biga Peninsula that separates the Aegean Region and  Marmara Region.  Flora, fauna and biological diversity of the area is very rich . Pine trees are the dominating species in the mountain . Apart from the pine trees,  beech, fir trees , Chestnut Oak, Alder, Sycamore trees. Sistus substrate (Laden), Erika, Karacali, blackberry, ivy plants, thyme, sage, are the plants and species seen in the mountain.


Species of animals living in mount Ida national Park are ; bears, roe deer, wild cat, otter, squirrel, bat, porcupine, rabbit, badger, marten, fox, wild boar, eagle,  hawk, Falcon, Partridge, Wood Pigeon, Woodcock and trout and carp fish species.


What to do in Mount Ida ?


Mount Ida is a great place for the botanic observers , trekking and camping fans. There are many pensions also available around the mountain . Trekking tours only can be done together with local guide as there are many endemic species needs to be protected.

Picnic areas and restaurants are also avalilable in the region to have something to eat.




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