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Kursunlu Monastery


Located over an altitude of 600 mt and  just  10 km away from DavutlarKusadasi . Monastery has a spectacular view and hidden under  the great plane  trees.


The purpose of  building the monastery ​​so far and high is defending the place against attacks by atheists and pagans.  


It is estimated that the Kursunlu monastery  is an  11th century , Byzantine structure.  Dining room , pantry , kitchen , cloisters, an infirmary , a chapel (small church), cemetery, monastery walls, cellar walls and defense rooms are available in the monastery.


The most important feature of the monastery is the frescoes on ceiling.  Symbolic  and geometric motifs  together with  religious or personal events depicted on the frescoes of Kursunlu monastery. There are also scenes depicted from the Life of jesus Christ and Bible  can be seen in the walls of the church.


How to go Kursunlu monastery ?


You need to have a car to get the kursunlu monastery and drive from Kusadasi to Davutlar district,  after arriving the davutlar the signs will lead you to Kursunlu monastery. You need to drive up to the hill whilst the church is located in an altitude of 600 mt.  As well as visiting and seeing the old monastery you will enjoy the stunning view over the hill .


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Kusadasi tourist attractions
Kursunlu monastery is a great attraction to see while your Kusadasi visit. The best way to get there is joining a jeep safari.