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Located in the Karacasu district of Aydin city.  The name of the site was taken from  Aphrodithe who is the goddess of love and beauty . Aphrodisias today is one of the most important archeological place in Turkey with very well preserved monumental buildings.



Aphrodisias was  a a small village in 6h century BC. First Aphrodithe temple was also built  during this period. A small village  view  of Aphrodisias has changed in 2nd  century with the founding of the grid planned city. During this period,  almost 15 000 people were living over an area of  approximately one kilometer. Roman emperor Augustus, took the  city of Aphrodisias  under his personal protection. Today the surviving monuments which can be seen and visited today was built in 200 years after Augustus protection.



There are  two avenues (Portico of Tiberius and the Agora)  surrounded by columns between the theater and Stadium. On  the northern edge of the city the best preserved stadium of the ancient world is found. 3rd century A.D Aphrodisias became the capital of the Caria which was a  state of Roman Empire and city was surrounded by defensive walls in 4th century A.D


Aphrodisias had  began to lose its importance in 6 century and temple was converted to a church . City became a small village in 10 th century and it  was completely abandoned around 12 century.



Aphrodisias  was one of the  leading city of antique era with it’s architectures, arts, sculptures and worship centers. Marble  statues and buildings were built during during the  Roman period  are worth to see.


As a result of archaeological investigations in the city,  as well as architecture and sculpture  works  medicine and astronomy studies were conducted in the area. The main building remains in the city to be seen and visited are ;  The bath built  during emperor Hadrianus in 2nd century.  a large agora with a pool, the temple of goddess Aphrodite, stadium, theater, theater baths, an odeon, a bishop's palace, the school of philosophy.



Aphrodisias had  become a major plastic arts center with the use of marble quarries in the vicinity . In fact, urban artists had created their unique sculpture style so called "Manierist Style" . Region  continued to progress untill 4 century A.D  and had maintained its importance.


How to get Aphrodisias ?


Aphrodisias located within the boundaries of Aydin city in Karacasu ( geyre district ) . It is  95 km far  from Aydin. To get this  beautifull ancient site , drive in the direction of AydinDenizli road  and  turn from the crossroad to  Kuyucak area and follow the signs to get you Aphrodisias. Road after Kuyucak is quite winding so you must be carefull when you are driving. 

There is no parking lot available just at the entrance of the site however  a parking lot belong the local municapality available for cars almost in a distance of 400 mt to Aphrodisias. After you park your car . Transport to the city is provided free of charge with small cars.


How much is the entrance fee to Aphrodisias ancient site ?


It is only  7.5 Tl ( 3 € ) to enter and visit this great ancient civilization.

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Aphrodisias of aphrodite
The ancient city which has been a cult worship place for Goddes Aphrodite . aphrodisias has one of the best preserved stadium of the antique era.