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Rafting in Artvin

Coruh River emerging from the Mescit  mountains at an altitude of 3225 mt and after running 466 km integrated with  Black Sea  within the borders of Georgia.  Coruh river is one of the fastest flowing river in the world therefore thousands of rafting and canoeing fans are only visiting the region for Coruh river.

Coruh River Valley  located on migration route of birds has also a very  rich  flora and fauna.Griffon vultures which are in a danger of extinction also live in the valley.

Also along the Coruh Valley; grizzly bear, mountain goat, wild boar, wolf, coyote, fox, badger, marten, otter, rabbit, partridge, wild rooster, woodcock, wild duck, stock dove, golden oriole, thrush, dove, waterfowl and a variety of wild animals are living.

Rafting  is done in 4 different stages in the river ; Starting from Bayburt and extending through Ispir , Yusufeli districts to the Artvin in total distance of 260 km.  Degree of difficulties in the river are  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Coruh river mostly preferred by professional athletes because of the tough flowing conditions for amateurs.  The 4th rafting World Championship in 1993 was organized in this River.


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Lucas Machado
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Turkey has many great rivers for rafting and coruh is the best for professionall rafters.