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Karagol Borcka

Karagol  is a lake far from the civilizations hidden in green forests  formed in 16th century as a result of the landslide from klaskur plateau .

Altitude of the lake is 1550mt.

Trees around the lake and in the forest mostly are  spruce, beech and  hornbeam trees. Vegetation is very rich in  view of endemic species. The area of the lake is 95  acres and it  has 25 mt depth.

Regarding wild animals in the region we can talk about  a very rich variety.  Karagol natural park hosts   grizzly bear, wolf, lynx, coyote, fox, deer, wild goats, badgers, squirrels and many more small animals. In the lake red lake trout can be seen however fishing is prohibited.

How to get karagol Borcka

Turning to the east after 27th km of Borcka camili road  and keep driving  from an uneven way will take you to karagol at the end.

Borcka Karagol is also a destination in trekking and camping tours organized in the area.

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a piece of heaven stands over 1600 mt above sea level waiting for the ones who has a taste of nature.