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 Camili (Macahel)

Camili Basin is a geographical region consisting of six villages; Camili, Regular, Efeler, Rocks, Maral, Ugur. Former name of the region was Macahel (or Machael) however it is is still broadly used together with Camili.

The damage in the region is kept very limited due to the location of the region . Flowers do not die because of  air pollution , there is no  detergents in the rivers  to kill off fishes, wildlife hunters not able to extinct the wild animals in the region. Agricultural  lands are not effected by chemicals.

Camili is almost an untouched area and like a diamond  very hard to find.  Many endemic plant species and pure Caucasus region bees can be seen in the region.

The government and a charity trying to protect environmet is working to increase the number of bees and produce a very special honey when they are giving jobs to few locals in the region.

Special interest groups such as botanic experts,  specialists, documenters can join a  tour which lasts in a week.  The location of the area is just in a very critic area between the Turkey and Georgia border that`s why A speciall permition needed for the tours and gendarmirie team consist of two people accompanies the group during the trip.

Accommodations made in the  village houses or tents and foods supplied by villagers during the daytime and evenings cooked in the camping area.

  Local facilities by local people and village kadınlarınca Meals are being made and the tents become lunch box lunches, dinner is usually prepared by cooking in the camp.

Goods  are transported on mules  and People walk in the highlands to get the desired area.

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