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Lake Cildir


Lake located 45 km away from the Ardahan city center in a height of 1956 mt above sea level and covers an area of ​​25 km2. Cildir is the second largest lake of Eastern Anatolia right after Lake Van.

Which is the largest lake after Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia the maximum area of ​​ this freshwater lake is 12 350 hectares.  Situated in a tectonic subsidence between mount Akbaba and Mount Kisir. The deepest spot of the lake is 22 m.


Surface  waters from the surrounding mountains and many springs are flowing into Lake Cildir. The largest of the four islands in the lake is located near the ruins of Akcakale . All the islands are covered with stunted bushes. “Gull of  Lake Van  “ and “ruddy shelduck” bird species attracts many bird observers and natural life experts to area.


Lake freezes in the late november due to the very tough and cold weather conditons and ice depth exceeds 1 mt. The ice of the lake stays on surface until the beginning of April. Especially in winters when the lake is freezed many people all around the area come to visit it for ice fishing , ice skating etc.


People visiting the lake also organize amateur sleigh racings which makes people enjoy every moment of competition and make them take unforgettable photos from a race over an ice layer.




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6 Temmuz Cuma, 2012
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garry hayden
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ice hokey in turkey
cildir lake has the best conditions ever to play ice hokey over a lake . it is full of fun skatin over a lake and trying to shoot a goal.