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 Dursun Soylu  Mansion

Mansion located in Halil efendi street  in the Ardahan city center . This structure is  a nice  example of civil architecture which was  built at the end of the 19th century.  

Mansion is made of  two floors and it is covered with a pyramidal roof. The lower floor is closed, The main entrance of the building made from the north.It is also possible to reach upstairs via wooden staircases from outside of Mansion.

The walls of this structure  kept as thick as other examples of civil architecture available in the region and they are  opened outwardes only with a few windows .

There are Six windows on the top floor and  three small porthole windows used in the mansion . The western side of the house supported with woodens and part on the wooden support is used as a small balcony.

Mansion completely built with smooth block stones and architecture of the structure is quiet similar with the examples around ( sarikamis, Kars,Gyumri, Caucasus and Georgian regions ).


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