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Mirror Cave

There are 18 large and small caves found in the Amasya valley.

 The five largest cave located on the northern slopes of the city center are called like "rock tomb" .

 The most important of these caves is the one known as mirror cave ( aynali cave) which is located about three kilometers away from the city center.

Mirror cave is the best sample of the King rock tombs . It is the best decorated and completed one among similar 18 small and big other caves (rock-tombs) .

Researches have shown that the Mirror cave is used and designed  more for residency aims.

Mirror Cave which is the most famous cave of Amasya carved into a huge block- rock with a reaching 13 mt imposing height .

When you look at the exterior walls of the cave you will see the  sun’s rays shining very effectiveley like being reflected from mirror therefore  people named and called the cave as mirror cave .

You can easily get the place by catching a taxi from the city centre and it will only cost 10 tl for a way.


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