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Amasya castle


Amasya castle located on the top of the Harsena Mountain which rises and surrounds the  northern part of the city therefore it is also known as Harsena  Castle. The rock where amasya castle built over is 700 mt height from the sea and 300 mt from the Yesilirmak river.

 According to some historians, the castle  for the first time was built by Mithridates the King of Pontus. However it is also said that the  commander harsana got this castle built so the mountain is known as Harsena today.


During the  sovereignty of Persians, Romans, Byzantines and  Pontus kingdom  Amasya Castle was  changed hands several times and  destroyed many times however  every time it has been rebuilt over the centuries.


The majority of the walls of the castle are still standing. Cisterns , water tanks , ruins of a Bath from Ottoman period and rock carved king tombs belonging the Pontus kings are places to see in the castle.


A corridor which is also known as Cilanbolu stands in the middle of the castle . This corridor carved into rocks and  allows you to go below with 150 steps and 8 mt width.


Covering the northern part of the present city of Amasya castle seperated 3 sections ;  inner City (Hatuniye District), girls palace and Upper Castle (Harşena) .


It is possible to drive untill a very close point to the entrance of the castle however you need to walk after leaving your car.  Scenery , atmosphere and watching the unique architecture of Amasya houses over the bastions of Amasya castle  make you live unforgettable moments of your life.

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