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Antalya is not only a well-known city with sea, sun, and five-star hotels but also Antalya is a corner of paradise with lush vegetation, greenhouses and waterfalls .

Kursunlu waterfall and natural park is only one sample of these beauties.

Kursunlu waterfall and natural park is situated in Aksu district of Antalya has a wide area where 100 bird species  are hosted together with  7 small ponds , plant tunnels , picnic areas  , water mills and for sure the Kursunlu waterfall.

How to go Kursunlu waterfall

On the way to Antalya to Alanya 17 km later you will see the junction to Kursunlu waterfalls. Follow the way in the direction of the signs and almost 8 km later from a way among the pine trees you will get the picnic  area there you can park your car free of charge however you will need to pay an entrace fee for the natural park. After you pay the entrance fee you can visit  all parts of the park without paying another  extra cost.

A trip to the Kursunlu waterfall

Turning to the left side after the picnic area  you will be  led  to a pathway among  large-leaved cactus type plants and flowers via steps. After a short walk among colorfull flowers you will see a still running  watermill you can take a closer look to it if you are interested.

After the water mill following the pathway will take you at the end to the Kursunlu waterfall and the cave found under the waterfalls. It is hardly to hear talks due to the high noise of the water however the scenery and views is unbelievable so get ready your camera to take unforgettable moments.

The pathway which takes you to cave continues over the pond among oleanders and leads you to a small bridge to cross the otherside where you will see the plant tunnels , monumental  huge trees  and a pond with swimming ducks on it.

When visiting the Kursunlu waterfalls and natural park perge ancient site must also visit while it is only 2 km away from your visit.

One of the most attractive aspects of the ancient city of Perge and Kursunlu  waterfall is their close location to Mainroad and Antalya city center.  thus  wherever you stay in you can easily acces to these  attractions.


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