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Koycegiz located 60 km far from the Mugla city is a  wonderfull land with the citrus groves, village houses , stagnat lake and mountains around the district.  

climate of Koycegiz

In the coastal  parts of the koycegiz dominating climate is Mediterranean climate however when you get more mountainous areas continental climate is observed.  Koycegiz has the most rainfall in winter times after the Rize city in Turkey.

How to get Koycegiz

You can reach Koycegiz from İzmir, Ankara, Istanbul via regular  bus services. After getting koycegiz you can take local minibuses to visit closer areas.

Dalaman airport is only 35 km away from the Koycegiz helps the people to get the area easily via planes. Getting to Dalaman airport needs a taxi drive.


What to do and buy in Koycegiz ?

Visit the Rock Tombs

 join a boat tour of Iztuzu Beach and Lake-Dalyan Channels,

You can buy the local foods ,clothes and handcrafts from the local market,

 You must definetely buy a waxed fish egg which made only in Koycegiz.

Places to visit in Koycegiz

Ekincik Bay

Natural spa of Sultaniye

Dalyan Strait


Rock Tombs and Ruins of Caunos are the places to visit in and around Koycegiz 

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30 Ekim Salı, 2012
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jason Carroll
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peace in nature in Turkey
koycegiz is a land offers you the peace in nature. Koycegiz not so far from the popular tourist destinations is an area which achieved the survive and escape from the commercial life. intact nature, clear sea and warm weather in the area is very appropriate for camping and relaxation.