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Ski Resorts in Turkey


Ski resorts and the areas for winter sports are increasing and developing every each year with new investments. Turkey is one of the most popular destination in winters with it's high quality Ski resorts. Here is the list of Ski resorts mostly visited by Turkish people and Foreign visitors.



Mount Uludag : The best period for skiing is  between December 20 to March 20


Bolu Kartalkaya : Ski season lasts from December 15 to March 31 ( about 4 months)


Erzurum Palandoken:Winter sports can be done between 10 December-May 10


Isparta Davraz :  December –April is the time for skiing. Peak: 2635 mt height


Antalya Saklikent :  Ski season lasts in 2-3 months ( a place more for fun )


Kastamonu Ilgaz : Available between December and April ( a developing ski resort )


Kars Sarikamis : 20th December to 20th April ( good conditions for professionals )


Kayseri  Erciyes : Volcanic mountain has a long season starts from November


Ankara Elmadag : Mostly preferred for daily trips betwen January and March


Skiing in Turkey



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alexey Maslakov
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skiing uludag
Uludag is a fun place . Amenities and facilities are superb in the 5 star quality resorts.