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Trekking Trails in Turkey

 Many regions in Turkey are suitable for  trekking. In general, we collect the trekking tours in  three main routes: Taurus, Kackars and Cappadocia. However apart from these three main routes  there are many places in Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions where  the daily trekking tours are organized. Attending one of the Trekking tours organized at the  weekends will take you away from  the  noise and  crowd of  the city, walks done in the nature just for a few hours will make you  start a new week more restful.

Recommended Trekking ,hiking routes and trails in Turkey

Daily Trekking tours


 The valley which is the Tavsanli  village of Gebze Kocaeli has  a challenging route  who are not accustomed to the rock. Almost entire walking route is going on the rocks. The rocks found at the beginning of the valley are used as a training area by Rock climbers.

Erikli waterfall

 trail begins at the Tesvikiye  village from Cinarcik district  has steep slopes and two waterfalls. For the ones who are not trained and experienced enough can be tiring and challenging.

Sudusen waterfall

2-3 hour  easy walk from the forest road to the  waterfall available in Uvezpinar village in Yalova city.

Terkos Lake

 There are two major tracks around the lake Terkos. The first one starts from  ormanli village a route among the dense forest and the second one starts from Balaban village where you will see colourfull flowers with                                                                                                          

Kemal Sunal Caves

found in Incegiz village is a worthseeing area with the caves which were used ages ago as living places. It is an easy route can be done by any age

Dupnisa Cave

A route followed in the cave not recommended for the ones who has klaustrofobia 


 A village which were famous in time with the delicious wines produced . Walking up to slopes and hills from this lovely village is an easy and good route for old people.

Rumeli Castle  Demircikoy

A beautifull route starts from the Rumeli castle . You will be walking in a way between Black sea and the wonderfull green forests. At the end of route you will reach a beach from Demircikoy village.


A trail with many creeks and small rivers . If you lie getting wet thish is a good route for you.

Masukiye Keltepe

Erfelek Waterfall

It is a great trekking area discovered only a few years ago. A waterfall formed by 30 small other watersmalls creates a picturesque view.


 Bolu Yedigoller an area with wonderfull spring views a must place for trekking.

Kibriscik Plateaus

 Scent of Orchid flowers will make you dizzy . Routes from 1 hour to 1 day long are available in here.


Yenice forests

You can see many endemic species during the trekking tour. Area is quiet suitable for camping as well.

Mount Uludag

When staying in one of the hotel in The mount uludag. You can take a daily trekking tour and visi the glacier lakes and walk up to the peak of mountain 


One of the nicest area where you can observe the unique colours of the nature

Soguksu National Park

Situated in Kizilcahamam district of Ankara city , soguksu national park has a different atmosphere for the hikers while they can see the 1 million years old tree remnants in the trail


Close to Afyon city will llet you make a mini fairy chimneys trip in the area


Every slope and height is a route for trekking in this wonderfull island. Wherever you want to walk you will encounter with something great at the end of the walk.

Trekking in Ancient Sites with the History


When you walk from the peak Cigir mountain which is  situated near Canakkale to Neandrea antique city you will see the remnants and one thousands years old antique granite pillars.


A lovely village located next to Buca district of Izmir city is a popular trekking destination in last years and preferred by the people who are fed up with the city life.

Mount Cicekbaba

 Situated in the borders of Denizli district. This Mountain mostly used for long tours , Camping and trekkings together.

Narman canyon

This canyon hosts a miracle of nature . Red coloured fairy chimneys lined up to the top of the canyon  form a picturesque view. You will not understand how the day is passing.

Caldera of Nemrut

A volcano trekking and walking in a crater will make you live different feelings . You can pick up black glass pieces formed during the eruption of the volcano.

Camping and Trekking

Kackar Mountains

Kackar mountains  are a trekking paradise with it’s Flora , plateus, hundreds of glacial lakes, glacial valleys, glaciers, high peak. Almost 50 daily  walking route and 10 transit route with camping are stands in the valley. The fogs are very important in the area which helps you find your way around.

Mount Aladag

Aladaglar located between Nigde-Kayseri-Adana triangle is known for the high and difficult peaks. However, even the toughest peaks has routes to be passed. You can go for both camping and trekking in here


camping transitions are  a little different from others in the mount beydaglari which are running parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. During the activity you can follow the traces of  early civilizations. The ancient city of Selge, Termessos, Sagalasos,  are some of these ancient cities to be visited in the tour.


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