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Tips before you go for a Trekking


* Do not forget your walking shoes and your bag. Put  bottle of water , raincoat, spare socks and clothes to your bag. When you are in the nature a rain or  walking in a creek can make you more wet than you expected so be ready for  surprises .

* Do not confuse the trekking
trip with a picnic. You will walk for a long time. This walk is a pre-arranged and planned walk.  Guides would prefer the best ways where you can see the unique nature and beauties of the areas not the shortest way to reach the destination.


* You may want to take a camera with you and take pictures of your friends and beauties of nature  however be considered about raing and creeks you will pass. You can try to buy a waterproof camera .


* Stay in touch with the group. Follow the instructions of professional Trekking guides.

Do not diverge from the way where you can not easily seen and found by others.

. If you leave your group for short-term (water drinking , flower collectiong etc. ) inform someone from the group.

* Be very careful when walking in the stream or on rocks.  Stones covered with  moss therefore rocks and stones become so slippery. Walk slowly and confidently. In such cases , quality of   walking shoes are very important.


* Do not use the shoes with straight base . Try to wear shoes with a zigzag base . They will help you to stand on ground firmly.


* Wear something comfortable.  Walk for a long time and long distance will be disturbing if you do not have comfortable clothes. Consider the weather conditions;  In winter, bring sweaters,  and definetely hats in summers


 * Do not take unnecessary  materials and equipments with you. Avoid overload. If you overload you will be tired more than usual because of the long walking distances. Leave the equipment in the car which you believe you are not going to need during the trekking trail.

* Return time might  be delayed.  Be flexible and more tolerant about the time and do not forget every each group can differ in view of walking speed and times.

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28 Aralık Cumartesi, 2013
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jenya turkina
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Trekking in Turkey
I've made trekking all over the Lycian way for 10 days and it was an amazing memory.By the way the tips you mentioned are great for both amateurs and pros.