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Trekking is one of the easiest  outdoor sport can be done by everybody. Trekking is a  long and tiring walk. Hiking is a daily  trip made in the  nature.

Trekking is a sport activity requires passing a  natural area with full of obstacles only by feet ( without using any transportation vehicles)  

People of all ages can make trekking and hiking. Turkey’s  many regions are suitable for trekking and hiking .

Travel agencies organizing Trekking Tours especially in Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara regions regions to  highlands and mountains.

Trekking and Hiking time varies according to difficulty degree of the trail. It takes approximately 5-6 hours in a moderate tour. Trekking attracts people who are looking for a quality time in the nature together with friends and getting away from the crowded and noisy city life. The aim of trekking tours is getting to the desired , peacefull , natural life however a certain amount of tiredness occur from walking is considered as well.


Hiking shoes and mid-sized backpack are the main things you will need in a simple trekking tour however if you are looking for a more professional and long term trekking tour you will need more equipments and more experience in trekking.


Trekking tours in Turkey


There are many agencies available in Turkey organizing  the trekking, hiking  tours and acitivities.


Tours can either be for a day or for a long term . Trekking tours organized to Eastern ,Southeastern Anatolia and the Black Sea can be even more than a week.

Trails which are very suitable for daily hiking trips are found in a very close distance to big cities and touristic places in Turkey therefore Daily Trekking and hiking tours mostly preferred in Turkey.


Daily trekking trips are also advantegous for the ones living in Big cities and for the tourists who are bored from Sun , Sea and looking for more outdoor activities.


Daily hiking tours  often starts very  early in the morning to use the limited time as effective as possible. You must walk close to the guide and get as much as information you can about the place and trekking tips .


The most important thing to remember before buying a tour is to take information about the difficulty degree of  the trail. Because for the first time participators even  an average trekking trail could be exhausting.


Turkey Trekking routes and trails


Trekking equipments

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12 Kasım Pazartesi, 2012
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Alessandro Salvi
Message :
lycian way
Turkey has numerous wonderfull trekking routes where you will admire the nature and learn the history in the same time. Lycian trekking route is only one of them and the most famous one in Turkey.

28 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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stephan Bream
Message :
trekking in Fethiye
If you are in Fethiye you must try a trekking activity . there is a great walking route takes you to ghost town.