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Hunting in Turkey


Turkey's geographical structure,  vegetation and  wildlife is  quiet  appropriate for hunting tourism .


Hunting grounds, forests and areas are determined and announced by the Ministry of Forestry


Foreign tourist hunters are allowed to hunt in Turkey via travel agencies which have   special permitions and licences to organize hunting tours in Turkey. 


Foreign hunters who are coming Turkey for hunting via special permitted agencies can also bring their own shotguns and hunting equipments.


Hunters who are going to participate in hunting party should declare their name, surname, nationality, entry and exit dates , hunting place , animals names for hunting .



Wild animals in Turkey for hunting


Large wild animals; Bezoar ibex( wild goat ) ,  mountain goat (samua),  bear, ,wild boar, lynx, wolves, jackals, foxes. If the foreign hunters request to hunt another animal which is not listed in the allowed animals a special permition needed to be taken by the authorities.



Besides living the exciting chase and hunting of a wild animal you will also experience the great nature of Turkey. Turkish experts who will help you during the hunting trip will show the ultimate hospitality of Turkish people. You will learn new tips for hunting, you will have very joyfull conversations and you can learn how to cook the animal you hunt together with unique recipes.

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30 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
graham bent
Message :
hunting a wild boar
i shot down a monstreous wild boar in a hunting trip turkey. huntig was great however eating a boar in Turkey is an issue. turkish people do not prefer to eat boar meat because of their religious beliefs. it is better you join a hunting tour in turkey with more foreigner guests who like eating boar.

26 Haziran Salı, 2012
Name and Surname:
allen shaw
Message :
travel for hunting to Turkey
It sense like a crazy idea only travelling for hunting however if you ever tasted the delicious hunting experience you could do anything to hunt the animal you want. You will even travel to Turkey especially to hunt Bezoar Ibex and wild boares