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Who can do Rafting ?

 Rafting does not require any specific skills and physical fitness therefore  rafting sport can be done by anyone who is just interested in this extreme sport.

Untill 2 grades there is even no need to know swimming however for the ones who desire a real excitement and adrenaline  being a good swimmer is obligated.


A guide who is experienced and know all the tricks about rafting is also needed  to direct and inform you well .


All security , safety issues and a short training are given  to you in 45 minutes and required training materials provided .

 After Dressed up your equipments ,   according to experience you will be placed in a boat . The guide and assistant guide available in the boat will  keep informing and helping you during the ride when you encounter with any difficulties.


You do not have a chance to go rafting in any river  because of the river grades mentioned before.


For example, in view of flowing  the Coruh River is the world's  second toughest river and going for rafting in this river can only be done by experienced and expert rafters.  However  there is some parts  in the river where the flow and difficulties are quiet suitable for the beginners as well.

The only difficulty of rafting for the beginners is move and paddle in a harmony with the team. As long as all  team members complete each other and paddle in harmony. You will never capsize even in very tough rivers.

Rafting is not a dangerous sport when necessary safety precautions and materials to be taken and used. Obligated materials must taken by rafters are ; life jackets, helmets, shoes, rescue robe (rescue rope) and flip-gown (a string used to turn back a capsized boat) .

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rafting tours turkey
rafting is a sport which you can not try in any time in any place like football or basketball therefore when you have a chance to try rafting do not miss it. rafting tours are organized every day in summer from bodrum , marmaris and fethiye a must activity to be experienced in a holiday in turkey