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  Esek adasi

Formerly  known as "Goni"  today  is  Donkey Island  situated  one hour away from Cesme. Esek adasi is an ideal place for daily yacht cruises  with its clean bays  and welcoming, friendly donkeys.

Due to the natural  location  of the island , bays are not effected by  the strong  north winds therefore island is very  suitable for underwater and water sports.

The whole island is covered with shrubs and  a water well running with wind is  available  for the donkeys to survive  in the island.

the spring wild daffodils you fall your way, you experience the intoxicating scent of thyme and broom.

The island is completely in serve of  touristic  purposes and it is not allowed to overnight in the island because of the protection by government.

Once  upon a time a few donkey left in the island  have  multiplied in years  and thus the island  received the name of Donkey Island.

Cesme Donkey Island  attracts many foreign and domestic  tourists.  When the donkeys living in the island see the yachts are coming through the beaches all of them approaches to yachts . visitors on yachts feed the donkeys with watermelons and breads.

If you become generous enough for the donkeys they will give the best  poses you wish to take .


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fernando socrates
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cesme turkey
donkey island is a special place which you can only see in cesme turkey. feeding the half wild donkeys and taking pictures with them is inexplicable experience gotta be tried when having a holiday in cesme turkey