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   Charter tips

It is not allowed to enter the  yacht charters  with regular daily shoes. Before  boarding the boat shoes taken off and  placed in the basket until the end of tour.  This is required to protect wooden floor of the gulets and yachts. Also in terms of hygiene this way allows you to behave in the comfort of your home .

*  You must not forget  that the  water is limited with the existing tanks . Blue cruises will help us to learn how to consume water and not waste it.  this way you will feel the peace of being environmentally conscious.Unlike the private yacht charters it is more important to be carefull with the consumption of water in cabin charters whilst  Water supply and refilling mostly made only once in cabin charter cruises.

* Long time showers as well as wasting water  also causing further increases in the production of dirty water. When the  dirty water tanks are filled  you'll need evacuation and this situation can cause you to change  your designated  route to go some specific discharging  areas.

* discharge of various wastes and toilet papers are more difficult than the homes because of much narrower drain  pipes used in the yachts therefore  should be avoided by vast  usage of toilet papers and thrashes.

It is recommended not to bring your precious and valuable stuff and jewelleries to the yachts. If you still bring these precious items you can give them to the captain of the yacht with a written document.

* Blue Cruise is a good  opportunity to quit smoking . In general, Smoking only allowed over deck. Cabins and bathroom are non-smoking areas.

* When sailing make sure you tie and connect your  clothes and stuff to  the ropes and deck railings otherwise they can easily fly and drop to sea.

*For your safety during the blue cruise do not jump into sea before the engine of the yacht stops in the same way be sure you get on board before the engine of the boat .

 * When leaving the cabins and  sleeping give more attention to turn off the lights.  Thus, both you will contribute to energy savings and have a comfortable overnight stay .

  Please note that the majority of the cabin renters are  dreaming of a quiet holiday

* Mobile Phones and internet connections  properly work in almost all bays. Although the yacht charters are looking for a holiday away from civilizations and  businesses in case of emergency situations laptop and mobile modem connections will help you stay in touch with your business and civilization.

 * Compared   to many alternatives yacht charter prices are  cheaper and more convenient choice for a good holiday. You should try to charter a yacht with friends or rent a cabin with your girlfriend at least once in your life.

Tips for the crew are a must especially after a satisfying , fun , relaxing and peacefull holiday which mostly made by their efforts.

On behalf of the crew;  tips should be given to the captain. Captain will share the tips with the crew.

%5 to %10 of the amount you paid for the yacht charter or blue cruise will be  a good amount and make the staff happy.

 Do not forget to bring your  swim suits , books , slippers , games and of course camera to catch unforgettable moments of the cruise.

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