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Blue Cruise in Turkey

Blue Cruise is one of the most suitable and best option   to take all the stress of  the year  out.

Blue cruise is a voyage made with a yacht , gulet or big boat along the Mediterrenaean and Aegean  sea coasts of Turkey.  Blue Cruise will let you discover numerous hidden  bays , islands , beaches and coasts . Blue cruises make you live more  different experiences than the general holiday visits to Turkey.

Blue cruises having a route which is  a great combination of sun , sea , culture , history and fun.  You can relax and swim all day long , enjoy the sun and good foods . You can try more exciting activities such as  fishing , diving , snorkelling , water skiing etc. You can also discover the historical and cultural ancient sites which are either under the sea or by the sea.

Blue cruises will give you the facilities of a 5 star holiday resort with permanent seaview rooms , fresh foods and  services.

Blue cruises are mostly  done with wooden boats ( gulet yachts ) which are 16-40 meters long.

 As long as the weather conditions are good and enough wind is available gulets sails are opened however most of the time  gulets move  with the engine power.

Gulets  used in blue voyages mostly consists of 2 to 12 cabins  which each has a shower and toilet.

The luxury of the Gulets change according to people`s budget and requests.  

Private blue cruise trips are organized and available especiallt for the people , groups ,families and  couples who wish to choose and designate  the route  according to their own mood .

Blue voyages can be done in a few different ways ;

Full charter ;  gulet or yacht rented completely to a group

Cabin charter ;  Like booking a hotel each person books a yacht cabin for a defined and pre organized tour.

Daily boat tours ;  you can either rent a  boat with your family , friends or join a daily trip with  many other people. (  starts in the morning ends up in the evening ) 

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