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Turkish Houses


When you said house or home  to any Turkish person the first thing they will recall will be an apartment.


95 percent of the population in big cities are living in apartments .  There are many reasons why the apartmen blocks are mostly built and preferred all around Turkey.  The first reason is the  crowded population resided in the city centrums . Cheaper prices of the apartments compared to houses. High profit opportunities for the construction companies are the other main reasons for mainly  having apartments in Turkey.


That’s why apartment buildings are very much improved  in view of luxury ,  space , comfort , quality and amenities.


Apartments in Turkey categorized as  1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 , 4+1 and rarely 5+1 . The meaning of  these categorization is the number of seperate rooms together with one big hall ( living room ) which is called as “salon” in Turkish. ( 3+1 = 3 Oda 1 Salon = 3 rooms and 1 living room )


Most of the apartment types are available and preferred are the 2+1 and 3+1. The space and size of these apartments is quiet useful for the families with one or two children.


Typical houses and villas with a garden or swimming pools mostly owned by a very limited rich people especially out of the crowded city centres .


Summer houses which also have almost the same luxury and comfort of villas are mostly built and located in touristic summer places owned by locals  , Foreigners and Turkish people living in big cities .


Summer houses mostly built in a complex of same type of houses with a  communal shared pool . These summer houses are called like “Site” in Turkish.


Village houses having a spacious land mostly included  with Stall are mostly built by stone or mudbricks located in rural areas.


In Istanbul some waterside residences having a unique piece of art in decoration which were built in Ottoman empire period are called and known as “Yali”. Yali residences and complexes are only owned by very priviliged and rockefellerlike rich people.


Foreigner who are thinking to own a property from Turkey can choose one of these buildings according to their  interest , budget and lifestyles.


How much would it cost to buy a house from Turkey ?


Property purchasing from Turkey


Turkish laws for buying a house

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18 Ocak Cuma, 2013
Name and Surname:
Jorian leigh
Message :
house prices in turkey !
this summer we looked for an average house in marmaris with a hope to get a good deal but house prices mentioned and offered were incredibly ridiciluous and expensive. the sellers ask for a fortune to buy a house in marmaris turkey.

11 Haziran Pazartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
esra eron
Message :
Turkish houses for sale
a very interesting point of sale promotions of the houses in Turkey is a paper attached the windows of the apartments. when Walking on the roads looking up to the apartments you will be able to see these sale advertisements.

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