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 Tapu ( Title Deed )

 Tapu (title deed ) is a document  which proves  the ownership rights of a person over a property , land  etc.  Tapu is given to the owner by General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. You can see the written  information ( address , location , registration information ,  etc ) belonging the real estate on the Tapu as it is originally kept in official logs.

 Tapu is  given the buyer after all buying process completed and confirmed by notary .


It is not a big deal and problem if you ever lost the Tapu ( title deed ) whilst the registry and records kept in official logs of General Directorate of Land registry and Cadastre  .


A photo of the owner or owners , and detailed information about the real estate and a seal belonging the land registry officer are the main things to understand the reality of tapu (title deed ) . In case of any fraud The id number of the Tapu must be double checked with the official land registry office.


The colour of The Tapu ( title deed ) can be either blue or pink and these colours do not carry any meaning.


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tips for buying. house
if you do not have enough information about turkey and purchasing a house youcan be frauded via a fakr title deed (tapu) . getting a tapu does not prove you own the house . you should control your ownership with the official land registry office (tapu kadastro mudurlugu)