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Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is a great country for living , investment and business therefore the people who have fallen in love with this beautiful country keep buying properties since years .


Turkey has a reciprocal  land and property purchase agreement with  the following countries .  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia, France, Greece, and some states of Africa and America (USA ) .


Most of the properties sold to the foreigners are the summer houses. Especially people from European countries who are coming to live and spend  their summer times in Turkey prefer to buy a house whilst Turkey has  warm  weather conditions , easy living , friendly people and various facilities .


As the Turkish economy is growing and pumping up the popularity of the country increasing especially for the investors from all around world.  Buying property and own a business are the most preferred things for the investors.


Foreigners also buy houses and lands from beautiful countrysides and villages of Turkey in order to escape from the stress , crowdedness of city lifes.



Whilst you are paying a huge amount of Money. Buying a real estate from Turkey actually not only from Turkey but also  from a foreign country is not a simple thing. You should know the country very well or have a reliable friend , business partner who knows the country very well.


What to do before buying a real estate in Turkey ?


Laws and regulations when buying a property in Turkey ?


Turkish apartments and buildings .


How much  does it cost to buy a house in Turkey ?


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5 Ocak Cumartesi, 2013
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Marieke Otten
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coast of buying a home in Turkey
A new tax Law of 2013 brings extra 18 percent to the total cost of buying a new property built in 2013 in turkey. Before buying a new home in turkey this year check ithe building date of home

4 Haziran Pazartesi, 2012
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hentschel klaus
Message :
ein haus in der türkei kaufen
Die Preise in der Türkei sind sehr niedrig, so dass es sich wirklich rentiert ein Haus zu kaufen.

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