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 Pekmez (molosses )


Pekmez ,  is a  kind of condensed  sweet syrup produced by boiling the  smashed grapes , figs and mullberies.


A fermented grape juice obtained from the fresh and dry grapes but the taste of it becomes a bit sour. To produce a sweeter pekmez a special calcium carbonate added to decrease the amount of fermented grape juice .


Fermented Grape juce are cooked in big vessels untill the liquied looking  reaches  to the stiffness of a caramel.


Benefits of Pekmez (Molasses )


Molasses the most widely consumed in winter times has a  very rich minerals such as  iron, calcium and potassium. Pekmez has healing effects for anemia , diarrhea . Pekmez (Molasses ) is a nutrition which quickly mixed to the blood therefore provides the needed energy to human body.


80 percent of the sugar in Pekmez is in the form of Glucose and Fructose . Glucose which is only the energy resource of the brain is widely available in the Pekmez .



*Increases the body's blood

*Gives energy

* increase the  appetite

* very useful in the development of Pregnancy for baby

* strengthens  the stomach, intestines, kidneys,

* relaxes the blood circulation

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23 Haziran Pazar, 2013
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Javier Murillo
Message :
turkish drink
a great innovative drink made centuries ago. benefis of pekmez is countless however and unfortunately as other drinks it is also succumb to unhealthy black drinks.

9 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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Message :
start your day with full of energy
pekmez is a drink integrating with your body and blood in afew minutes. so drink 50 t0 100 gr pekmeZ every morning to be energic for a full day.