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Serbet (sharbat )


Serbet is a   sugary liquid  syrup with flavours of honey, rose, spice. Serbet is used to make refreshing drinks and desserts.

Syrup is a drink densified after a boiling procedure . When diluted with water ,syrups  turn into juices .

Many various flavours such as  honey, rose petals, fruits, spices, nuts, and flower mixtures are widely used in production of sherbet.


Serbet is a very old drink which was so popular especially in Ottoman empire time among the rich people and People living in Palace. There was even special gardens with special flowers and flavours only grown up for the production of Sherbets.


Serbet served as cold as possible when you get thirsty in hot summer days.


Kar serbeti ( Snowball Sherbet ) is one of my favourite drink  made by only a few people today especially in Mugla and Antalya region.


It is hundred percent a natural drink prepared with the ice and snow available in very high mountains in summer times.  

The ones who are selling and producing Kar serbeti climbing to high and steep rocks with donkeys and collect the snow.

They way they sell the kar serbeti is also a very old tradition. Ices collected in wide bags and syrup stands over donkey. Seller mixes the icecrashes and syrup by taking from these bags creates picturesque moments.

Refreshing effects  and Taste of Kar serbeti  in hot summers after an exhausting shopping in the market is hardly to describe.



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