Raki,  an alcoholic drink produced by distilled  pomace of grape or frig  and together with anise seeds.

Distilled pomace mixed with Ethyl alcohol and anise seeds left in a  5000 lt copper alembics  to be distilled once more . This second distillation produces the famous traditional Turkish drink Raki

The name of Raki was derived from the word  arabic word (Arak )which means distilled or distillation. It is also thought that raki name was adapted from Arika a famous alcoholic beverage produced by the milk of horses.

Many alocholoic drinks similar to taste of Raki are available in many countries with different names .however these drinks   are far from the  exact taste and quality of raki.

Similar drinks to raki known as   ;

Anis or pastis in French , Sambuca in Italy , anisette in Tunusia , anis in Portugal , mastika in Bulgaria , Zahle in Lubanon , Ouzo in Greece.

Raki has 45 to 50 percent of alcohol content and 1.5 to 1.7 anise per liter.

The history of Turkish Raki;

Raki was first time started to be produced during the Ottoman Empire and became a widely consumed beverage in Anatolia and Thrace.

Raki distinctively separated from Ouzo  with it`s more anise seed types and higher alchohol content. Raki was also widely used in non muslim  taverns in 19th century in Istanbul. Turkey today has  a massive production of raki both to sell in Turkey and import many big countries around the world.

Raki diluted with water turns into a milky white color because of the anise content available in its ingredients.  Raki is more than a drink in Turkey . Raki is a lifestyle , a culture , a friend , a music , a meal , a girlfriend , a fun etc. 

Raki can be drunk with any meal yet mostly preferred with seafoods.

Drinking raki is an art and raki has its own culture. To get the real taste of raki you should meet the requirements ;

How to drink Raki ? How to enjoy a night with raki ? What to eat and listen while drinking raki ?

Buying Raki ? where to buy and what kind of Raki to buy ?

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Pernilla Bexander
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guinness beer where to drink in fethiye ?
antique down bar in oludeniz and abracabadra bar in hisaronu offers finest draft Guinness for 4£

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what is raki?
raki is the cure for every trouble. raki is the pain killer. raki is the joy. raki is the friend. raki is more than a drink.