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Additional Insurance and Services

Personal Life Insurance (KHS)

Pays medical bills of passengers in the vehicle within the limits.

Tire, Glass, Far Insurance (LCF)

Covers risks of damage to windows and tires of the vehicle and the fee varies according to the vehicle group.

Drop Delivery Fee

If theVehicle will be received and delivered in the same city at another spot ; according to the distance an additional delivery woul be occured . £ 0:50 / km

Additional Driver

If the 3rd person has a valid driving license and eligible to rent a car conditions. Third driver also can be written in the contract


The following types of benefits from insurance, and damage coverage will be considered invalid and will not be covered , here is the list ;

*In case of vehicles used and drived by someone else than the written name on the contract.

* Losses will occur in the vehicle as a result of user error. Careless driving (Use of high engine , walk over a punctured tire, not adjusting the speed according to road conditions as wet weather, not folowing the heading car in safety measure etc.)

* Driving vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drug .

* Use the vehicles out of traffic rules (violation of legal speed limits, red light pass, etc.)

* Accident Reports which not taken from the necessary Traffic and Alcohol relevant authorities

Terms of Lease Amendment

Specific requirements established by the beginning of the lease rental. Car Rental companies arefree to accept or reject, any change that might occur .

Any changes that may occur in one of the following conditions can change the terms of lease.

Return date and time change (Extension / Early Departure)

Changing the place of Return

Change the vehicle group

Adding an additional driver demand for the contract

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