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Rent a Car in Turkey


Hiring a car in Turkey is highly recommended as the renting is quiet cheaper compared to many European countries. You will also be free to travel whereever and whenever  you want . 


There are numerous car companies available all around Turkey with various car types and facilities.


The basic cars with basic features which commonly used by car rental companies are ; Renault Clio , Renault megane , Ford Focus, Fiat Albea , Fiat Palio , Fiat linea and Ford Fiesta .


Diesel oil mostly preferred fuel type  while you can drive longer distances for cheaper prices. However normal gasoline options are also available . Unlike the many European countries and Usa,  cars in Turkey mostly have manuel gear .  Cars with Automatic  gears can be provided  upon requests.


 Car rental prices vary from 50 to 150 TL (25 –70 €) according to age and brand of cars. Extra fees can be occured in case of any more requests such as , insurance , baby seat , GPRS , delivery point. Time of rental ( daily ,weekly , monthly ) also effects and reduce the price of car renting in Turkey.


If you are in a big resort or hotel located in a Touristic places you will most likely find an office of a worldwide known Car rental  company such as , Europe car , Avis , etc.


I can recommend to hire a car from big companies for long and reliable rentals yet if you are just looking for a daily car rentals any company will help you to meet your requests.


What do you need to rent a car in Turkey ?


How much does it cost to rent and drive a car in Turkey?


Car rental insurances


Car rental agreements

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23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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kerry pate
Message :
car rental in turkey
before rent a car in turkey check every each part of the car. car rental companies can later accuse you by faulting or damaging the car when you did nothing. so check and report the damages before you get on the car

27 Mayıs Pazar, 2012
Name and Surname:
reyes oleg
Message :
renting a car in turkey
i rent a car in marmaris 2 days ago by a local agency for 70 turkish liras 50 dollars roughly. car was new and in a good condition. only think very interesting car delivered almost without any fuel in the tank. it is said that rental cars are given unlike european cities with almost empty tank