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Driving in Turkey


Driving in Turkey to be honest is a real chaos. Drivers most of the time  do not keep and follow the traffic  rules so you must really be carefull when you are are driving in Turkey.


Drivers in Turkey  are generally in a very aggressive mood and they can easily get frustrated from any incident occur in traffic and people  reflect these small incidents  to their driving , speeds  and behaviours.


There are some  funny however also  very serious behaviours which have been used to observed  in  Traffic and roads of Turkey since years. ( Turkish Style driving )


Fortunately  the driving behaviours of Turkish people have started to change and keep improving since a few years. Very expensive and intimidating  traffic penalties pushed people to be more cautious in Traffic.


Traffic jam and congestion  is a harsh deal  as the infrastructures and roads are not enough to prevent traffic jam especially in developed and crowded cities


Therefore driving habits of people  vary from town to town . The ones living in big cities are sneakier and more aggressive compared the ones living in rural and small cities.


I believe Istanbul is one of the most challenging city in the world in view of driving and traffic.


Driving in Turkey as a foreigner ;


If you are driving a car with a foreign number plate ,  Turkish people will show their general hospitality and friendly behaviours also on the road by letting your car to overtake or giving the priority on turns and parking .


If you don’t drive a car with foreign number plate and if you just rent a Turkish car during your stay you must be more carefull as the people will treat you like  a regular Turkish driver.


Main rules to be a good driver and be in safe  in Turkey are ;


* Controlling your feelings ,

*following the rules and traffic signs ,

*Being cautious and carefull ,

*Watch and keep an eye over  the road , around  and back of the car.

*Do not excess the speed limits

*Fasten seat belts

* having No rush and being patient

*Whilst the roads are unknown keep driving as slow as possible to prevent and move *faster in an unexpected dangerous situation.

*Always carry your passport , driving license and car rental agreement and policies with you.

*Do not get afraid if anybody screams or shouts even  when you are not wrong.

You can use car horns in Turkey in some necessary situations.

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9 Kasım Cuma, 2012
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Richard Garcia
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crazy drivers in Turkey
think twice to rent a car especially in istanbul. traffic is a big trouble in istanbul. turkish people are very reckless in trafic and do not follow any rule they make you think if you really knoe how to drive a car. instead of renting a car in istanbul tey to arrange a car with driver-guide