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Travelling by Bus in Turkey

Travelling by bus is the most popular and common transportation way in Turkey. The roads and road net of Turkey is quiet improved and developed . Therefore It is very easy to reach every each point in Turkey via highways and roads.


Many luxurious buses with superb facilities are used especially in long distances between cities.

Tens of very qualified and reputable bus companies serving and carrying thousands  of people every each day.


Bus companies and buses are gathered in public bus terminals which are  called as Otogar or otobus terminali  in Turkish.


You can buy your bus ticket directly  either from bus terminal (otogar) or from the small offices available in the city centres selling the tickets of Big bus companies . If you buy a bus ticket from the small offices which are called ( yazihane – yazzahane ) you will have a chance to be picked up free of charge via their services which are shuttling to bus terminals  . 


Big bus companies usually have city services as well including in the price of the ticket. So if you are especially in a big city like Istanbul , Izmir , Ankara , Antalya etc. you can use the city services of the buses to get any district in the city after you arrive in the bus terminal .


When you get in the bus you will be surprised by the comfort and facilities given during the trip. A computer screen with available , movies , music and live tv channels are embed in the top of the seat. According to distance of your trip a staff  who is working as a waiter or hostess (muavin ) will serve you every 2-3 hours , biscuits , cakes, diet foods and soft hot , cold drinks . A superb service which you get in luxurious flights are also provided in the luxurious buses of Turkey.


Here is the list of  reliable and well known bus companies which i can recommend to travel in Turkey ;


Varan turizm , Pamukkale turizm ,  Ulusoy turizm , Kamil Koc , Anadolu , Metro turizm , Nilüfer Turizm , Efe tur .

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20 Ocak Pazar, 2013
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Philip Blond
Message :
excellent transport in Turkey
OMG! never ever had such comfortable travel in my life and high class service in a bus, all provided bu kamil koc bus company and its staff.

27 Ekim Cumartesi, 2012
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Olivia Van Dorpe
Message :
Catching a bus in Turkey
It is mostly difficult to stop a bus and get in on the road. The best way to catch a bus is getting the Otogar and ask for the times and availability.

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