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How to go Turkey ?


There are many ways ( by air , by car , by ferry by train) to get to Turkey from your country .  


The quickest and easiest way to go Turkey is the airways  .  Istanbul is one of the most famous destinations among the airline companies so hundreds of planes from all around the world land to Istanbul airports.

Istanbul has 2  big and very modern airports ; Istanbul Ataturk airport and Sabiha Gokcen airport.


Istanbul Ataturk airport situated in the European side of Istanbul is quiet bigger than Sabiha Gokcen airport  ( located in the Asian part of  Istanbul).


Many famous and reliable airline companies such as KLM , Turkish airlines, British airways ,Lufthansa etc. have regular flights from  all around world to Turkey.


Apart from Istanbul,  major airports mostly preferred by foreigners especially in summer times due to the very close locations to Summer resorts are Bodrum airport,  dalaman airport , Antalya airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes airports.


Especially in Summer seasons numerous flights are available with the charter flights arranged by tour operators. Therefore it is easier to find very cheap and reasonable flight tickets to Turkey in summers.


Getting Turkey by car ;  If you are in an european country or in a country  close to western side of Turkey car is another option to get Turkey however  it takes days to get Turkey and You can wait hours and hours in the customs .  Driving from the furthest point of  Europe to Turkey takes almost 3-4 days  and 1 day from very close countries like Bulgaria, Romania , Greece  etc.


Getting Turkey by ferry , ship or Cruises ,


Regular ferries in summer times are shuttling between Turkey and greek islands besides , A ship from Italy comes to Cesme district once in a week lets you to bring your own car as well


Cruise ships departing from european countries like Italy, Spain Nordic countries and from Usa are also visiting the Turkish ports. Kusadasi port and Istanbul port is the most famous port destinations for the cruises. 



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Driving to istanbul from Bulgaria
As Bulgaria being a part of European union a valid Driving license belonging to there is enough to be able to drive in Turkey. The highways after Kapikule border to istanbul are very large and safe. Following the huge blue boards indicating the direction of istanbul will easily take drivers to istanbul in roughly 2-3 hours.

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london dalaman flights
how lucky i am to find a very cheap flight from london to dalaman by thomas cook . I only paid 55 Euros for one way