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Diving Suit

Sea water temperature is lower than the body temperature  therefore during the dive, body continuously loses heat. Even  though in the summer seasons ; In some particular regions with flows and  deep dives temperatures  can be very low. We wear diving suits to protect our body , heat and to prevent water loss.  There are 2 types diving clothes  used . Dry  suits and wet suits. Dry clothes and suits mostly used in cold water dives.

BC - Buoyancy Compensator

BC is an abbreviation of the Bouyancy Compensator . it is called in Turkish as a  balance lifejacket. From a distance it seems like a lifejacket. The main purpose of BC is maintain the swimming skills underwater as it is on water.

BC  is a kind of tool helping the buoyancy  By filling the air and amount of air arranges the balance of  body and buoyancy.

BC connects to diving cylinder  ( oxygen tube ) by a lash over regulator.

 Using the buttons on the left side ; both air can be  filled  the inside or  the air can be discharged from cylinder.   An important point to  keep in mind is the volume of air can be effected and may vary by the water pressure.

When we are moving up to sea surface  we must reduce the air in the BC and vice versa when we are diving deeper we must increase the air in BC.

 Diving Cylinder

Diving cylinder which also known as Scuba tank , diving tank and oxygen tank is an equipment which contains compressed high pressured air or gas mixture. Via diving Cylinder we are being able to carry the gases which we breath out of the water.

Cylinders can vary by volume and materials made from . Cylinders  can be made of aluminum or steel.

Aluminum cylinders compared to steel cylinders  are ligther. It seems like an advantage at first glance however to be able to go more  deeper more weights need to be used.

Diving Mask

The dive mask enables us to see  by creating an air volume  in front of the eyes. This air gap must be balanced during the dive. Therefore your nose should always be within the gap. A mask consists of  A mask glass ,  mask skirt and strap. There are many masks in various colors and styles on the market today. But the sport of diving is mainly based on observing seeing so a good choice of mask is very important .

What kind of Mask you should select for a good dive ?

 The glass should be toughened and impact-resistant.  Mask skirt should be  comfortable, and fitting to  face (for sealing is very important), Should be in a shape which easily covers  the nose with as far as possible  small internal volume (to evacuate water from leaking into inside the mask), and must be ensured that it has the widest possible viewing angle.


 Snorkel  allows the people to breathe without keeping their head over the sea surface. Free divers use the snorkels to be able to have a continious observation of underwater.Snorkel is used not to spend the air in cylinder when the scuba  divers above water.

 Snorkel styles are varied  and a good snorkel should not be used to prevent breathing.

A snorkel with large diameter pipe , no longer than 42 cm and made ​​of Neoprene  plastic and silicon are the best choices. The most important factor in the selection of snorkel is comfort and harmony.

Scuba Fins

Progress and the movement of the hands and legs in the liquid is not enough to be able to move. In this regard, Scuba fins are a kind of tool attached to the feet to increase  the mobility in the water.

There are 2 types of Modern diving fins are available ; closed heel –opened heel  and full foot fins.

Closed heel fins  typically used by free divers . Paddled fins should be carefull selected . and should be easily  adjusted. Fins are made of a  cosmopit structure with Neoprene rubber . The main factors effecting the selection of fins are your physical condition , geographical region of the diving area and the size of fins

Weight belt

The weights which helps you to go deeper and can be  set according to your weight. Can be attached to left and right side of your belly .
Diving Gloves

An equpment prevents  rock and shell scratchings during the grip of a place . Diving gloves most importantly protects your hands from cold.


Regulator is a tool reducing air pressure by  Cylinder  at  high pressures and makes the environment suitable for diving. Modern regulators are simple ,easy navigated tools and safe tools

Underwater Pressure Gauge

An indicator allows you to keep watching and controlling the air pressure in cylinder. Pressure gauge helps you to plan your dive without being  in danger of lacking air and get back safely.

Dive Computer

A device which should be on every Professional dives and even in normal dives. Dive computer shows how deep we are diving , dive time , water temperature  etc. According our limit settings it can also give warnings in case of any limit excess


A diving  tool which is used in case of any danger and to cut the fishing nets underwater .

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diving bodrum
bodrum which has been a port city for centuries has many shipwrecks and remnants which are today became a home to sea creatures.

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dive computer and wrist watches
suunto is the best computer watches for the divers. suunto d6 i model from suunto is a steel diving computer with a posh look.