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What is SSI?

SSI is a worldwide diver certification agency and educational organization which was established in Usa  1970s however  today Headquarters  are based on in Germany. SSI serves with over 200 diving centres in 90 countries all around world .

Standards  of SSI was created to deliver  the real Quality to the SSI divers.

To  be able to provide highest level of standarts , SSI trainers give the educations only in the diving centres where the high quality facilities are available.

Instructors of  SSI use  the most effective water training method and unique application which uses repetition and comfort.  This method improves and makes your diving skills  more natural which will lead you dive in a more relaxing and enjoyable way.

SSI is a very well known and esteemed organization with it’s high qualities.  SSI received the European Standards in 2005.

SSI is certificated and adopted in 2005 by EUF (European Underwater Federation) .

Therefore, SSI  entitled to carry  EUF Quality logo. This logo  is a very hardly given honor to carry the C-cards.


SSI use an accuracy chart method which is called and known as SSI Diver Diamond ; Here is the content shaping the diamond ;

 Accurate Information

 There are a few safety rules and theoretical basics have to be learned . You  can even do it from home by SSI professional training system. Your instructor will help and guide you yo learn all accurate information you need.

True Skill

 First of all  you  must obtain the basic skills such as how to move in the water and how to use correctly the diving equipment.  These skills can only  be  learned and improved by the best trainers of professional SSI diving schools. Sure keep practicing and repeating the things learned will help your self skills.

Correct Tool and Equipment

The best diving will be by finding the correct and best equipment which totally fits you. As much as you get used to use your personel equipment your diving will get closer to perfection. Equipment is required  to be taken to service at regular intervals. This will reduce the possible dysfunction of the equipments and tools.

True Experience

During  the Diving course valuable informations and preparations are given. The main point to be a good diver is diving as much as possible.  Every new dive will improve your total experience and skills

SSI's motto is Serious Diving. Serious Fun

There are many certification programs are available supplied by SSI ;

Programs for Adults ;Try Scuba , Scuba Diver ,  Open Water Diver ,  Advanced Advanturer ,  Specialty Diver , Advanced Open Water , Master Diver , Dive Control Specialist

SSI Specialty programs ; Perfect Buoyancy , Night / Limited Visibility Diving , Navigation , Deep Diving , Wreck Diving , Underwater Fohotgraphy , Diver Stress & Rescue , Search & Recovery

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