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Scuba Diving


Humans have always been curious about the unknown and  not yet  discovered things. Underwater life takes an important part in  one of these  curiosities.


People had started to discover underwater life ages ago yet the real discovery of underwater life was started with the famous guy "Jacques-Yves Cousteau " ( Captain Cousteau ). 


Captain Cousteau encouraged the people to make a move  who were curious about diving , life and species living under water .  People started to follow the trend and flow Custo created so the diving industry emerged , researches , discoveries increased . Since the captain Custo thousands of small and big discoveries made. New species ,  lifestyles from underwater  were started to be known  as much as new things learned people became  more interested for diving.


Scuba Diving  ? what is scuba Diving ?


Scuba means “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”


When you decide to learn diving , the first thing you must do is going or finding the closest diving school ( centre ).  Diving is not a sport or interest which you can self-learn.


When you started to be given instructions , tips , procedures about diving you will realize how easy and simple it is ( sure if you keep diving in view of the instructions ) . Diving is not that dangerous as it is in Jaws ( killer shark ) movies vice versa diving will take you into a colourfull world  , with corals , friendly sea animals and species .


Your heart will be beating faster than ever when you first put the diving equipment  on your body however you will be relaxed and be in peace upon getting into sea and started to observe  a peacefull world which you never experienced before.


Feeling and becoming aware of  a different world with different lives and behaviours will grip you tightly . Instinct of  following the unknown will push you to dive more and more.


To learn more ,discover more , socialize more , travel more you will need to join a license program and step to be a professional diver.


Diving is also like a therapy  to get rid of from all your dislikes , stresses of city lifes and world.


I totally  recommend you to catch any diving opportunity in anywhere around the world to start getting into a new world .



                            Thanks for the Contributions of Move Diving Centre’s Instructors

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17 Haziran Pazar, 2012
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lee brower
Message :
diving in fethiye
fethiye is a very rich diving spot with the living fish species , colourull sea life.

14 Mayıs Pazartesi, 2012
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kerstin metzger
Message :
Eine Welt für sich. Auch im Meer gibt es sehr viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, die man sich ansehen sollte. Dafür gibt es in der Türkei zahlreiche Plaetze.