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Omer Thermal


  It is in a distance of 15 km from Afyon and located  on the Afyon-Kutahya highway. The name omer was derived from a holy man’s tomb found in the area.


 Spas Omar’s   water temperature is  46-71 ° C, flow rate 17 l / s. Water contains hyper thermal , sodium chloride, bicarbonate . Water is also due to containing 1 grams or more of CO2 in a liter takes a part in  aerated waters the group.


  Hot spring water used in treatmens of  rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, gynecological diseases, bone and calcification disorders, eating disorders nerve muscle fatigue.


 Omer Hot Springs have 49 villas with a capacity of 170 beds. The apartment hotel has 35 rooms and 60 beds.  20 aparts with  40 beds capacity . indoor 1 semi-olympic swimming pool, 2 Turkish Bath, 1 large indoor swimming pool is available facilities to the guests.


Gecek Thermal resort


Located on the highway of Afyon-Kutahya and in a distance of 18 km from the center of Afyon. As well as healing waters of Hot Springs Gecek is used as  a recreation area by people.


The water temperature is 46-71 ° C, flow rate 20 l / s. Spa water is composed of a combination of geothermal water, sodium chloride, and bicarbonate.


 Water is used in treatments of  rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, gynecological diseases, bone disorders and arthritis, nerve and muscle fatigues.


Thermal has 45 villas with 180 beds capacity.  2 indoor pools are available for men and women each.

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